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New Videos on BrassCraft YouTube Channel Demonstrate Best-Practice Plumbing Installation


NOVI, MI – BrassCraft Manufacturing Company has launched a YouTube channel featuring detailed videos of common plumbing installations. The videos offer a popular medium for step-by-step instruction in modern plumbing applications.
“The dynamics of the market along with the changing demographics of our customer base, the plumber, challenges us for new ways to communicate”, explains Patty Stinson, Director of New Products and Innovation. “The need to focus on the plumber has never been more apparent and is the core of our strategy. Many online videos lack the comprehensive detail, technical precision, and clarity that plumbing instructions demand. These videos provide the BrassCraft customer with straightforward information many other videos overlook”.

Adds Mark Labadie, Vice President Information Systems, “This is another collaboration initiative between Marketing and IT using technology to enhance the message, strengthen the brand, and provide stronger ties between BrassCraft and the plumber.”

The BrassCraft YouTube channel will cover topics including:

  • How to Install a Compression Valve
  • How to Install a New Solvent Weld Valve into a CPVC Supply Line
  • How to Install a Gas Appliance Connector with an Excess Flow Valve
  • How to Install a PushConnect Valve
  • How to Install a PEX Valve
  • How to install an Iron Pipe Valve

The videos are a valuable addition to the resources BrassCraft provides for customers. For example, BrassCraft has applied a QR (quick response) barcode to product packaging and other marketing materials. This allows customers to simply scan the barcode with a compatible smartphone to instantly launch YouTube for easy access to a menu of available installation videos.

Trade school instructors and their students will also benefit from viewing the new BrassCraft installation videos.
The videos may be viewed at:

Professionally filmed in high-definition and employing the highest production values, each BrassCraft

video begins with an overview of components, tools and supplies needed for the job. Installation is presented step-by-step, including conditions commonly encountered, then proper testing of the successful installation.

About BrassCraft:
BrassCraft Manufacturing Company, a Masco Company, is a leading manufacturer of products for use in the new construction and repair/remodel markets. The Company’s promise to these markets: Committed to Quality – Driven by Innovation, is reflected in the thousands of high-quality plumbing products that are sold under the BrassCraft® brand. Founded in 1946, BrassCraft Manufacturing is an international corporation headquartered in Novi, Michigan, with manufacturing and distribution facilities in the USA and around the globe.

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