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At Brasscraft Manufacturing Company we pride ourselves on our process, our craft and our attention to detail. Our pride is reflected in the thousands of high-quality plumbing products that are sold under the BrassCraft®, Plumbshop® and Cobra® brands.

We are built around a culture of continuous improvement, quality and exceptional customer service and listen closely to our customers to create products that are smartly engineered and need-based.

Brasscraft Manufacturing Company is one of the world’s leading designers, manufacturers and distributors of plumbing products for the new construction and repair and remodel markets. We are a Masco owned company with facilities in Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, California and Texas. Founded by Robert Zell in Detroit Michigan in 1946, we continue his promise of quality and innovation today.

This is Our Craft™

Since 1946

Made by hardworking individuals who take great pride in their craft, BrassCraft products are designed with the pro in mind. With decades of experience behind them, our employees make sure Brasscraft Manufacturing produces high quality products plumbers depend on to make their business a success.

We are BrassCraft®. This is Our Craft™.

Betty Adams

43 Years of Service

Betty is a Packing Operator at Brasscraft Thomasville. She also helps maintain the packaging machines in the departments. She knows the product part numbers just by looking at the product. Betty also works in the product kitting and labeling areas.

Jeffrey Belser

11 Years of Service

Jeffrey is the Team Lead in the Central Weight department. Jeffrey takes pride to train and motivate the Central Weight team. He moves product from the machine shop to wash and weigh. Once the parts are washed and weighted, he helps move the products to the next assigned department all while keeping everyone updated where products are in the manufacturing process.

Greg Borders

21 Years of Service

Greg is the Maintenance Manager at Brasscraft Thomasville and is responsible for the maintenance of the company’s equipment, tool crib, building and surrounding grounds. Over the years Greg has helped bring more technology and automation to the plant, including an energy management system.

Rob Lewis

7 Years of Service

Rob is the Felp Machine Operator on the 2nd shift at Brasscraft Thomasville. Not only does he operate the machine, but he also does set-up and maintenance on the machine. Rob maintains high quality standards, does material handling and communicates with employees from all departments ensuring our best product is available to ship when it is needed.

Amanda Gallimore

4 Years of Service

Amanda is a Quality Assurance Auditor at Brasscraft Thomasville. Amanda performs daily audits in the machine shop and assembly to ensure we are making compliant product to specification. She also verifies set-ups and completes DPT testing and pressure checks throughout the process.

Belinda Efird

33 Years of Service

Belinda is a Shipping Checker at Brasscraft Thomasville. Belinda takes prides in ensuring that containers for shipment are checked and verified using our SureCount process. With her years of experiences, Belinda can fill in almost anywhere in the Shipping department.

Roman Rampinini

3 Years of Service

Roman is the International Sales Manager. He is the face of BrassCraft in most international markets, representing the company in person in 11 different countries. Roman was born in Argentina, out of a family of Italian Immigrants. He moved to the USA starting his first job in the county at Brasscraft.

Liz Srock

17 Years of Service

Liz has started at Brasscraft in November 1999 in Purchasing & Supply Chain, and after 10 year she transferred to the Customer and Sales Support role. Her experience gives her the ability to understand the multitude of every day processes across Brasscraft. But Liz’s greatest asset is her cheerful personality that is contagious with her co-workers and is a valuable asset to our customers.

Tim Schultz

23 Years of Service

Tim is a Facilities Manager at BrassCraft Novi. Tim is responsible for facility safety, security, and the operation and maintenance of building systems and services. He is a Safety Committee member, and First Responder.

Dave Neuman

35 Years of Service

Dave is the Quality/LAN/Maintenance Manager. Dave has supervised every area of the Brownstown facility during his tenure with BrassCraft. Along with his current responsibilities Dave is leading the project to bring ISO certification to Brownstown this year and has recently been certified as a Safe Start trainer.

Becky Morse

31 Years of Service

Becky is a hi-lo driver in the Shipping Dept. Becky started in the assembly pack area of the plant and has been a hi-lo driver now for over 20 years. Becky is very loyal and goes over and above every day at work.

Kevin Darnell

32 Years of Service

Kevin is in Maintenance at Brasscraft Brownstown. Kevin started out in the Assembly Pack area and then was a Material Handler, where he excelled. He was then promoted to the Maintenance team where he keeps completes preventative maintenance and repairs on our equipment and building.

Anthony Gray

1 Years of Service

Anthony is one of our newest employees at Brasscraft Brownstown who was brought in through a temporary agency and then hired on as a full-time employee. Anthony was hired in Assembly Pack, but has already moved into the position of hi-lo driver. Anthony always has a smile on his face and a positive attitude.

Jeff Jambeau

33 Years of Service

Jeff has held every position in the Brownstown plant during his tenure here. He has also worked as the Planner Scheduler and Master Planner. Jeff is currently the Production Coordinator, ensuring that production runs efficiently.

JoAlice Parsons

9 Years of Service

JoAlice is currently a QC Inspector at Brasscraft Swedesboro plant. She was instrumental in assisting with the development of our Quality Management System, and was a key contributor in our successful ISO accreditation in 2016. She coordinates our 5S program and is recognized as the “go to” person for our production personnel regarding quality concerns. JoAlice is a strong safety advocate and genuinely cares about all of her coworkers.

David Carrington

8 Years of Service

David Carrington started with Masco Bath in 2008 and transferred to Brasscraft Swedesboro in a 2nd shift Maintenance Mechanic role in 2013. He was recently promoted to a Maintenance Lead position and is in charge of scheduling and ensuring machinery is running at peak performance. Dave completed a train the trainer program in July and is now one of our main Safe Start trainers.

Jolin Weng

17 Years of Service

Jolin is responsible for logistics, shipment coordination and arrangement. Her positivity, tenacity and passion to do well for Brasscraft Asia are demonstrated on a daily basis. She is awarded as the “Honorable Mention” for the 2016 BrassCraft Zell Award. She is also a great cook.

Donny Shen

24 Years of Service

Donny is responsible for sourcing of Direct Import and Masco Sister Companies as well as matrix responsibility for several Brasscraft products. Donny enjoys the outdoors and is an avid photographer in his spare time.

Rex Hsu

11 Years of Service

Rex works closely with the quality and buyer teams, leading Engineering duties for Brasscraft Asia. He is responsible for the Brasscraft Asia lab, ISIR reviews and ongoing product audit. In his spare time Rex enjoys the camping.

Elaine Lou

18 Years of Service

In addition to facilitating HR activities and training resources in Taiwan, Elaine is also responsible for assisting General Manager in daily operations, coordination of visitor accommodations and preparation for corporate events. Elaine enjoys reading, fashion and the arts.

Catalina “Cathy” Gutierrez

28 Years of Service

Cathy is a Furnace Operator at the Brasscraft Corona location. She “bakes” our connectors prior to the coating process. She began her career in Assembly 28 years ago. Always smiling, Cathy proudly helps out in production wherever she is needed.

Terry Leslie

33 Years of Service

Terry is a Brasscraft lifer! She is the Supervisor of Packing and Hose Assembly at Brasscraft Lancaster. Brasscraft is the first and only company she has worked for! Currently Terry supervises 60 employees in the Assembly Department. Her passion is helping her employees grow.

Miguel Pina

35 Years of Service

Miguel is the Lead Davenport Operator and Trainer at Brasscraft Lancaster. At 18, Miguel was looking for a trade and he found it and a home at Brasscraft. As the Lead, Miguel gets great satisfaction in training others in his craft! He enjoys seeing people succeed and learn new skills.

Rhonda Allen

21 Years of Service

Rhonda has worked for more than 20 years at Brasscraft Lancaster. Currently she is the Shipping Lead and loves the hustle and bustle of the Shipping Department! She uses her leadership skills to strengthen Brasscraft’s relationships with vendors and to facilitate smooth shipping processes.

Rex Van Wey, Sr.

22 Years of Service

Rex is a Senior Lead Maintenance Technician at Brasscraft Lancaster. During his early years with Brasscraft, he obtained his certification as a journeyman electrician and uses these skills today in his responsibility for all plant equipment. His passion – besides his family and his livestock – is anything electrical!

Janet Budai

37 Years of Service

It’s a family affair! When Janet relocated from Texas, her mother-in-law was working at Brasscraft Lancaster and encouraged her to apply. Janet started in the salvage department and is now the Quality Department Lead. She is responsible for performing gauge calibrations, managing the SPC system and performing daily inspections and audits. Janet is dedicated to doing the best job possible.

Drenda Moor

41 Years of Service

Drenda is a Scheduler and Planner at Brasscraft Lancaster. She started out as a temporary employee and has held a wide variety of positions including working in inventory control, purchasing and as a coding clerk. Drenda is passionate about making the plant as efficient as possible.

Terry Huntsberger

44 Years of Service

Terry is the Assistant Controller at Brasscraft Lancaster. She’s worked in the Accounting Department for here entire career starting in Receivables, moving into Payroll and then the Accounting Supervisor to where she is today. She prides herself on “doing it right” and setting the example for the staff she supervises.

Claudia Perales

23 Years of Service

As a Lead Production Machine Operator at Brasscraft Corona, Claudia not only operates machines, she also schedules manpower and machine time to produce the products for customer orders. She tackles tasks with a drive and determination that make the impossible possible.

Don Nguyen

26 Years of Service

Don is a Tube Mill Operator at BrassCraft Corona producing flexible stainless steel tubing. With his experience and training, Don is also the go-to person for minor repairs and adjustments to milling machines when necessary. And he does it all with a big smile on his face!

Beverly Gurion

2 Years of Service

Beverly joined Brasscraft in a production position and has made a big impact on our operation. Her main work center is the Drum/Tote line assembly, but she is fully trained as a backup in 2 other work centers. Her work consistently shows a high degree of efficiency and quality and she exemplifies a team attitude. Beverly is a key member of our safety committee and is responsible for conducting safety audits.

Sam Sieng

10 Years of Service

Sammy has been a dedicated employee for over 10 years on our production floor. He is a Machine Operator responsible for cable quality and run time efficiency for 3 different machines. He consistently yields high productivity, has an exemplary attendance record, and is always willing to lend a hand. Best of all, you can always count on Sam to greet you with a smile!

Rogelio Paneda

10 Years of Service

Roger has been in many different roles since joining Brasscraft Swedesboro. He’s been a welder, material handler, machine operator, and production lead. Currently, he’s the 2nd shift supervisor with overall responsibility for the shift. Roger is a strong leader and trainer and well respected by the entire Swedesboro team.

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