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BrassCraft Manufacturing Introduces a Fresh New Look for In-Store Merchandising & Packaging for Plumbing Products Line


NOVI, MI – BrassCraft Manufacturing, a leading manufacturer of plumbing products, is launching a new look for its retail line of water and gas plumbing products that combines the proven performance of its world-class products with leading-edge merchandising and packaging solutions for hardware and home center retailers.

Over two years of focused research and customer feedback has been considered in the design of the new packaging which consolidates the company’s line of plumbing supplies under the respected and well-known BrassCraft® brand. The new packaging is scheduled to hit store shelves in mid-January with a complete rollout expected by April 2014.

The BrassCraft® packaging is designed to be user-friendly and will be a bold and prominent feature in retail settings; the signature bright blue and yellow packaging is eye-catching. Simplified notes on the front and expanded information on the back label will allow consumers to make an informed buying decision. Each package contains detailed installation instructions to make installing products quick and easy.

“We are fired up about the new custom-printed packaging – it’s like being greeted in a whole new way by a familiar friend,” said George Werner, vice president, Retail Sales-BrassCraft Manufacturing. “The big news is that we are merging our retail line of plumbing products under the BrassCraft name and that consumers will be confident that they are buying top quality when they see the familiar BrassCraft logo on the new package. The new look and intuitive packaging now makes it not only easier to find products on stores’ shelves, but to match the right product to the job at hand.”

The packaging is space efficient, allowing retailers to place more product in less space, resulting in more sales and profit dollars per square foot of valuable in-store real estate. Dynamic and informative department headers, aisle dividers, sizing guides, product displays and consumer brochures will help make the BrassCraft plumbing area an easy-to-shop, self-sell aisle. A new clearly-illustrated, easy-to-use catalogue helps ensure that finding and ordering the right plumbing products is faster and easier than before and places information right at the customer’s fingertips. BrassCraft’s merchandising materials are designed to educate and to help sell products, acting as a “silent salesperson” to provide both retailers and consumers with the information needed to locate and select products.

BrassCraft Manufacturing offers 15 pre-made product assortments, available in various sizes for each product category so that retailers can customize plumbing departments according to specific needs.

Products Designed, Machined & Assembled in the USA

BrassCraft Manufacturing has its headquarters and manufacturing facilities across the United States. Products include water supply valves, connectors, fitting components and accessories and water heater connectors, as well as gas connectors, installation kits, gas ball valves and gas components and accessories. In addition to being a primary manufacturer of plumbing supplies, BrassCraft Manufacturing also has its own Research & Development and Testing facilities.

Founded in 1946, BrassCraft Manufacturing innovated and perfected the one-piece water supply valve and the flexible water supply tube. Today these products have become the standard for residential and commercial plumbing projects.

About Brasscraft Manufacturing Company:
Brasscraft Manufacturing Company, a Masco-owned company, is a leading manufacturer of plumbing products for use in the new construction and repair and remodel markets. Founded in 1946, Brasscraft Manufacturing is headquartered in Novi, Michigan and has manufacturing facilities throughout the continental United States. BrassCraft®. This is our Craft™.

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