1/2 in. FIP Captive Nut x 1/2 in. MIPS x 3/8 in. O.D. Comp



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ST1-SS6X D 026613140315 Brass/Rough
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  • Description

    The BrassCraft compression tee is a special fitting designed for joining existing metal and PVC pipes or tubes. Compression tees are primarily used for pipe repairs, compression tees are used to tap a new pipe/tube into an existing one.

    • Brass construction
    • 1/2 in. FIP Captive Nut x 1/2 in. MIPS x 3/8 in. O.D. Comp
    • Designed for use with brass, copper or iron pipe
    • Designed for use with potable water, instrumentation, hydraulic and pneumatic systems
    • Little to no tube preparation required. Connection does not require flaring, soldering, or other types of tube preparation
    • Plastic and PEX tubing installations require sleeves and/or inserts.  Check installation instructions for exact requirements
    • Rough Brass
    • May be used in both indoors and outdoors.
    • Temperature rating: -65° to 250° F at maximum operating pressures
    • Working pressure: 200 psi
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