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In our never-ending pursuit to offer the latest innovation in plumbing supplies, BrassCraft Mfg is proud to unveil it's newest additions. For over 65 years, we continue to be a leading manufacturer of a broad line of high-quality plumbing products for new construction, and repair and remodel markets.
Sure2Connect® Stops
BrassCraft Sure2Connect® 1/4-Turn stop redefines water shut-off stops. Featuring a push connect inlet with a unique verification technology, the stop is easy-to-install requiring no special tools, no soldering or gluing for a watertight seal. Simply PUSH the stop onto the water pipe, LOCK the clip into place and the installation is DONE. The unique verification clip will not engage until the pipe is correctly aligned and the stop is pushed on properly. It's the connection you can hear, see and feel when the stop is properly installed.
  • Unique verification clip
  • Rotation resistant
  • Compatible with PEX, copper and CPVC pipe
  • DMA LogoAdvanced engineered polymer
  • Easy to Install
  • 100% leak tested
  • Designed, machined and assembled in the USA
Push Connect Water Heater Connectors
No soldering. No gluing. An easy-to-install water heater connector designed for installation with copper, PEX or CPVC water distribution systems. Available with either the BrassCraft’s Speedi Plumb® PLUS braided polymer and ProCoat® corrugated stainless steel water heater connector, for superior flexibility and corrosion resistance.
  • Compatible with Copper, PEX and CPVC
  • No Installation Tools Required
  • No-lead certified
Push Connect One-Piece Supply
Push Connect One-Piece Supply combines BrassCraft’s innovative 1/4 turn push connect water stop and the flexible Speedi Plumb® PLUS polymer braided water connector for an easy-to-install one-piece connection. Always "installation ready" the pre-inserted tube stiffener self-aligns with the tubing for a quick and easy installation resulting in a significant time and cost savings.
  • Compatible with Copper, PEX and CPVC
  • DMA LogoNo Installation Tools Required
  • Designed, machined and assembled in the USA
  • No-lead certified
  • Offered in both straight and angle configurations
Tankless Water Heater Valves
BrassCraft Mfg. tankless service valves offer a full array of installation essentials including a slim-fit valve body for those space-constrained installations. With captive nut and washers, there’s no more misplaced components during installation. BrassCraft valves feature integrated PR valve port and drain valves to reduce the number of connections needed to install.
  • Right-Sized Handles, Right-Side Placement. Front-aligned handles remain accessible for appliance maintenance and repair, even in tight installations
  • Color-Coded Handles. Provides quick system identification
The Push Connect Technology Advantage

BrassCraft Manufacturing knows what plumbers want when their reputation is on the line – products that are fast, reliable and durable. And that’s exactly what our push connect technology delivers.

Available in three watertight options, our push connect water stops offer smooth, quarter-turn on-off operation with a pre-inserted tube stiffener for a quick, no-nonsense installation.

  • DMA LogoCompatible with copper, PEX and CPVC
  • 100% leak tested
  • IAPMO and CSA certified
  • Designed, machined and assembled in the USA
ProCoat® Coated Stainless Steel
BrassCraft’s EXCLUSIVE! ProCoat Clear Coat provides superior corrosion resistance to harsh cleaning products that can damage uncoated stainless steel. With an integrated dielectric sleeve, dissimilar metals are effectively isolated within the waterway to avert the potential for galvanic corrosion.
  • Full Flow, Maximum Performance. 3/4" ID provides greater water flow without obstruction for optimal appliance performance
  • DMA Logo100% Leak Tested
  • No-lead certified
  • IAPMO and CSA certified
  • Designed, machined and assembled in the USA