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It’s That Easy

When a leaky shower faucet needs a new seat or frozen faucet handles are getting in the way of your bathroom makeover, these BrassCraft® faucet and sink repair tools come handy on projects big and small. Make sure your toolbox includes:
Basin Wrench
    Use to tighten and remove hard-to-reach faucet and toilet nuts. Available in two models: standard 10-in arm and telescopic model with arm that extends up to 16-in in length.
  • Reversible, spring-loaded jaw
  • T-handle provides tightening leverage for a secure connection
  • Durable, steel construction
Faucet Reseating Tool
    Use to resurface compression-type faucet seats. Features non-corrosive centering cone to help ensure a level finished surface.
  • Includes multiple cutters for resurfacing and replacement washers
  • Hardened steel cutters
  • Durable, steel stem and handle
Shower Valve Socket Wrench
    Use to tighten or remove shower and bath faucet stem nuts. Double-sided wrenches can we used with a screwdriver or the steel bar included with the set.
  • Available for shower and bath faucet stem sizes: 21/32-in, 27/32-in, 29/32-in, 21/32-in, 1-1/32-in, 1-3/32-in, 1-5/32-in, 1-9/32-in, 1-11/32-in and 1-7/16-in
  • Durable, steel construction
  • Steel bar handle and caddy included with set
Faucet Seat Wrench
    Use to tighten or remove replaceable faucet seats. Tapered and step wrench configurations feature both hex and square keys
  • Durable, steel construction
Faucet Handle and Compression Sleeve Puller
    Quickly and easily removes seized tap handles from a valve stem or a compression ring from copper tubing. Arms adjust to remove small and large faucet handles.
  • Steel and zinc die-cast construction
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