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ProCoat® Large Diameter Gas Connectors

The Right Connection for High Demand Appliances.

Our ultra-flexible ProCoat® large diameter connectors are designed for gas appliances with large BTU requirements (up to 290,900 BTU/hour) like tankless and commercial water heaters, boilers, furnaces, and pool heaters. Factory assembled to eliminate on-site pipe cutting, threading and assembly; our connectors increase the efficiency of the installation, saving you time and money. Approved for use in manufactured housing to make crossover and foundation-to-home connections.
  • Coated to help protect the stainless steel core from prolonged exposure to common household cleaning, plumbing repair and masonry chemicals.
  • Coating withstands the effects of harsh environmental influences such as salt and UV rays.
  • Smooth, burnished connector ends seal with less torque, making installation easier.
  • High tensile strength stainless steel is less susceptible to work hardening.
  • Deep corrugations enhance flexibility, making installation easier.
  • May be used with natural, manufactured, mixed and liquefied petroleum (LP or propane) gases and LP gas-air mixtures. Internal pressures up to 1/2 PSI.
  • CSA certified for indoor and outdoor use.
  • DMA LogoDesigned, machined and assembled in the USA.
  • 100% leak tested.
  • CSA listed to ANSI Z21.24 / CSA 6.10 standard “Connectors for Gas Appliances” (file #204593)
  • CSA listed to ANSI Z21.75 / CSA 6.27 standard “Connectors for Outdoor Gas Appliances & Manufactured Homes” (file #204593)
  • The Commonwealth of Massachusetts
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