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Flare Fittings

Product Applications:
  • For use with copper, brass, aluminum and welded steel tubing that can be flared
  • extensively used for fuel, oil, air liquid petroleum (LP) and natural gas line connections

Product Advantages:
  • Resists mechanical pull out
  • Recommended for higher pressures than those covered by compression fittings
  • Designed to be assembled and disassembled over and over again
  • Reusable with long or short nuts
  • Manufactured from brass rod

Single or Double Flares?

Tubing may be either single or double flared. When working with steel tubing, such as Bundy, double flaring is recommended to protect against tube cracking or splitting and eliminates the risk of over tightening. Single flares are commonly used to connect copper and aluminum tubing.

  • CSANo-Lead product CSA listed to Low-Lead Content Certification Program – Plumbing Products Class 6853-01