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Should you need to repair your multi-turn stop or upgrade its handle in the field, BrassCraft Manufacturing has a complete line of stop components to get the job done.
  • Washers for Slip Joint Stops.
  • Stem & Bib Washers.
  • Bonnet Nuts & Packing.
  • Thrust Washers.
  • Oval, Cross, Round Handles.
  • Loose Keys.
  • Handle Screws.
  • Caps for Multi-Turn & KT™ Series Loose Key/Screwdriver Slot Stops.
  • Compression Nuts & Sleeves.
  • Brass, Stainless or Plastic Inserts.
  • Flare Nuts with 9/16-24 Fine Thread.
  • CPVC Solvent Weld Components.
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