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Safety+PLUS™ Portable Gas Leak Detector

An easy, reliable way to detect gas leaks.

With a sleek hand-held design, the Safety+PLUS™ Portable Gas Leak Detector helps pinpoint gas leaks in appliances, gas piping, LP canisters and more. Factory tested for reliable performance, this compact tool is a safety essential for detecting even the smallest of gas leaks in residential or commercial environments.
  • Detects natural, LP (propane), butane and methane gases
  • Intuitive, user-friendly operation. Automatic, easy-to-see yellow & red lights PLUS audible alarm indicates a leak
  • Built-in microprocessor with low battery alert
  • Protective black cap helps safeguard gas sensor to reduce risk of contamination from dust, water, etc.
  • Requires (2) AA alkaline batteries