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ProCoat® Coated Gas Connectors

Better Application. Better Performance.

Utilizing advanced technologies, our ProCoat® yellow coating has been specifically engineered to withstand prolonged exposure to common household cleaning, plumbing repair and masonry chemicals, as well as the effects of harsh environmental influences such as salt and UV rays. ProCoat gas connectors are available in a variety of configurations.
  • Smooth, burnished connector ends seal with less torque, making installation easier.
  • High tensile strength stainless steel is less susceptible to work hardening.
  • Deep corrugations enhance flexibility, making installation easier.
  • May be used with natural, manufactured, mixed and liquefied petroleum (LP or propane) gases and LP gas-air mixtures. Internal pressures up to 1/2 PSI.
  • CSA certified for indoor and outdoor use.
  • DMA LogoDesigned, machined and assembled in the USA.
  • 100% leak tested.

The Right Connection for Large Demand Appliances
Our ultra-flexible ProCoat large diameter connectors are designed for gas appliances with large BTU requirements (up to 290,900 BTU/hour) like tankless and commercial water heaters, boilers, furnaces, and pool heaters. Factory assembled to eliminate on-site pipe cutting, threading and assembly; our connectors increase the efficiency of the installation, saving you time and money. Approved for use in manufactured housing in crossover and foundation-to-home connections.

For A Virtually “Invisible” Connection
Our black ProCoat coated gas connectors blend so well they are virtually invisible. Designed certified for heat resistance and UV exposure, our connectors are a perfect fit for a variety of decorative and heat-generating appliances, indoor and out.

  • CSA listed to ANSI Z21.24 / CSA 6.10 standard “Connectors for Gas Appliances” (file #204593)
  • CSA listed to ANSI Z21.75 / CSA 6.27 standard “Connectors for Outdoor Gas Appliances & Manufactured Homes” (file #204593)
  • The Commonwealth of Massachusetts