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Ecological Commitment

BrassCraft Manufacturing, renowned for innovation, is committed to developing environmentally smart products, packaging and processes and to helping people use water in smarter, more environmentally responsible ways.

Packaging materials supplied to BrassCraft Mfg. are provided by Forest Stewardship Council and Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) certified suppliers. Using materials provided by these certified suppliers supports the worldwide growth of responsible forest management. By using recycled materials and decreasing total packaging material weight, BrassCraft Mfg. has reduced both fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

With the belief that environmentally safe is economically sound, BrassCraft supply stops have always been made of 100% recycled brass in the form of bar stock. Our copper risers are manufactured from at least 75% recycled material.

BrassCraft Mfg. routinely evaluates our manufacturing, packaging and shipping processes to find ways to conserve resources and energy, and to reduce the impact of our enterprise on the environment. We believe that it is part of our responsibility to address these issues and opportunities on an ongoing basis