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We weren’t founded in 1946 to last. We were founded to outlast.

For both new installation and repair work, professional plumbers and DIY homeowners alike rely on durable and dependable fittings, connectors and valves. Since 1946, BrassCraft Manufacturing has been the professional’s choice, becoming a trusted partner in providing a full range of water, gas, faucet and toilet supplies, tubing and more.

Now serving the fourth generation of plumbers with dependable products, BrassCraft Mfg. has set the standard in quality and ingenuity for the industry. With products designed, machined and assembled in the U.S., BrassCraft Mfg. remains committed to the ideals of its founder, Robert Zell, with an acute focus on product innovation, efficiency, safety and supporting the business growth of professional plumbers.

The pioneer behind the first flexible, one-piece supply line for plumbing connections, BrassCraft Mfg. revolutionized the plumbing industry 68 years ago, saving professional and DIY plumbers time, material and money by eliminating the cumbersome, time-consuming connections previously required with rigid brass or iron pipe. That legacy of innovation continued with the launch of the one-piece water stop and other design and manufacturing innovations that have set the production standard for the industry.

Better TogetherToday, with facilities in Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, California, and Texas, BrassCraft Mfg. continues to invest in the most advanced design and manufacturing technologies for the creation of thousands of high-value products like its Speedi Plumb PLUS® polymer braided connectors, along with the Safety+PLUS® excess flow valves and ProCoat® corrosion-resistant gas connectors. On-site research, development and testing facilities enable collaborative design, engineering and manufacturing and help ensure BrassCraft Mfg. employs the latest technologies to bring only the best products to market. The company has also been at the forefront of the industry in meeting the new no-lead laws with a full range of high-quality compliant products, helping customers to meet government mandates as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In addition to providing customers with quality, reliable products, BrassCraft Mfg. is also committed to investing in the future of the plumbing industry and supporting the next generation of skilled tradesmen and women by awarding scholarships to help plumbing apprentices enrolled in accredited training programs complete their schooling to become journeyman plumbers.

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BrassCraft ProCoat Stainless Steel Water Heater Connectors
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Speedi Plumb® PLUS Polymer Braided Water Heater Connectors